Develop your existing team with Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping

We don’t just help with new employees, we can also develop and nurture your existing team. For example, you may wish to profile the behaviours and skills of your staff — who knows what hidden talents might be lurking?

Talent mapping is the process of identifying the right talent, putting people in the right roles and retaining your top talent through career planning. This should be ongoing, so every member of staff is being best utilised to drive the business forward.

Consider the following actions:

  • Explore new roles to meet your business strategy
  • Review current roles to reflect the needs of your organisation
  • Plot career paths to help retain the brightest talent
  • Engaging and training employees

If you feel your business could benefit, please get in touch…

Cathy communicates with such ease and clarity that she seems to inspire confidence with all she meets. As a result, I’ve had no hesitation in working with her on the Kickstarter programme and she has reassured and made the process straightforward and minimised my workload throughout.

Polly Barnes, My Future, My Choice